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A Guide to Planning a Solo Trip to Grand Cayman

A solo experience can be one of the most gratifying vacations you can take in your youth. If you get the opportunity to plan a trip somewhere like Grand Cayman, you can learn a lot about yourself. Travelling alone helps you understand sites in a new context, it gives you perspective and helps you understand more about yourself. It allows you to experience your new surroundings without the bias of others hanging over your experience.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan your solo trip to Grand Cayman safely and responsibly.

Where to Stay

Most solo trippers are looking to put themselves into social situations, and probably don’t want to spend too much time trying to decide what to do. Seven Mile Beach is great for that sort of experience, offering a rich array of restaurants and shopping centers to lose yourself in. The area is also quite close to the beach itself.

It could be best to book a condo for your stay, mostly because condos offer some amenities that hotels do not. Condos offer personal space, typically have elaborate furnishings and offer an experience closer to “living there” than “staying there.”

How to Meet People

The key to meeting people is doing activities. Visit the Stand Up Paddle Co. and get yourself out on the water. Try snorkeling with any one of the reputable snorkeling organizations in the area. These group trips put you in fun situations with others, a good recipe for social interaction.

Your next option is one of the many restaurants and bars in the Seven Mile Beach area and downtown. Places like Ortanique offer moderately priced food, a good happy hour and the chance to mingle. It’s also worth checking out a few hotel restaurants. The Marriot has fairly decent crepes for breakfast, and you’re liable to meet travelers just like you.


Another problem travelers frequently encounter is whether or not rental cars in Grand Cayman are worth the cost. The alternative is walking or biking, which is a good idea for the first day or two of your stay. After that time has passed, you’ll realize how hot the island can get.

Walking is a great idea because you’re bound to come across locations you might not have otherwise seen, but Grand Cayman car rentals provide greater access to the island. Say you want to visit a quiet beach. You can try to stake a spot out in Seven Mile Beach, but you’ll have better luck on the North side of the island. If you didn’t have a car rental, that would be a difficult task.
Andy’s Rent-A-Car offers car rentals in Cayman, with two locations to better serve island visitors. Pick up the keys to your rental from Owen Roberts International Airport or Seven Mile Beach.

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