What Type of Weather to Expect in Abu Dhabi

If you’re planning on taking a vacation to Abu Dhabi to explore the rich cultural heritage, the diverse cuisines, and the impressive architecture, then you should understand what the weather patterns look like so you know what to expect during your stay at the emirate. Summer A couple of the selling points of Abu Dhabi are the year-round sunshine and sparse rainfall. While these are attractive qualities that every visitor ideally looks for, be wary that this also leads to oppressive heat during the summer. If you plan on visiting Abu Dhabi

The Proper Maintenance for RV’s

If your RV bedding is beginning to look out of shape, it’s important that you take a second look at it in its entirety. Some RV’s have a fragile frame that could cause serious injury if neglected. Frame If you take off the RV cushions around your bed along with your mattress, you’ll find a frame lying in the middle. Now, not every RV is the same, so you’ll need to adjust based on what yours looks like. Take a solid look at the frame and test it by placing

The top 5 fitness holiday destinations

Holidays are not only for relaxing and indulging, today's holiday goers want a lasting change that gives them that vacation glow long after they get back home. Choosing a fitness holiday will make you a few dress sizes smaller and provide you with just the right amount of relaxation that leaves you refreshed. Here are 5 destinations that are ideal for your next fitness vacation. Thailand- Luxury spas in the region are popular for their traditional thai massages. Thai retreats include yoga, pilates, running and trekking classes and excursions. Giving you

The Redwoods of Muir in San Francisco

By Samuel Phineas Upham The Muir Woods in San Francisco represent some of the oldest forest formations in the world. Redwood and sequoia trees were present all throughout the United States, but overtime the population shrank to occupy a small belt between California and Oregon. This was before the logging industry came to California. There were roughly 2-million square acres of redwood forests occupying that narrow strip, but most of those acres had been torn down by the 20th century. What was left was mostly inaccessible land, and that’s what