The advantages of renting a holiday home

A lot of travelers don’t realize that there are alternatives to hotels and resorts when they travel. Hotels and resorts are great, but nothing beats having your own house or apartment during a holiday. They are a break from the city’s busy life. Here are some more reasons why you should rent a holiday house instead of staying at a hotel


Unlike staying in a hotel where you pay hefty rates for laundry, you will have access to an in-house washer and dryer. This is

How to choose your travel destinations?

If you decided to travel more this year, you might have realized that you prefer to accumulate experiences rather than possessions. Which also means that you will have to start saving for your next big trip. But to decide on a budget, you will have to decide on where you want to go first. Here are some simple questions that will help you decide.

Be open-minded – If you don’t know a lot about a destination, but still want to visit, start off by researching what you