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The advantages of renting a holiday home

A lot of travelers don’t realize that there are alternatives to hotels and resorts when they travel. Hotels and resorts are great, but nothing beats having your own house or apartment during a holiday. They are a break from the city’s busy life. Here are some more reasons why you should rent a holiday house instead of staying at a hotel


Unlike staying in a hotel where you pay hefty rates for laundry, you will have access to an in-house washer and dryer. This is advantageous as you can pack less, and can either bring along less luggage or have more room for shopping. Some people prefer doing laundry on vacation so that they don’t take back suitcases of dirty laundry.

Home-made meals

With a fridge and oven, you can have breakfast and dinner at “home.” Eating out can be expensive, and are often unhealthy. Nothing beats eating home cooked meals, and the same applies to when you travel. There is a lot of love for buffets, but when you travel around a lot, something is comforting about eating your food, at least for breakfast.


One of the biggest advantage with a rental property on holiday is the additional space. You don’t need to fit everything into a small hotel room. Often, you will get several rooms, a living room, and maybe even a patio or backyard.

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