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How to choose your travel destinations?

If you decided to travel more this year, you might have realized that you prefer to accumulate experiences rather than possessions. Which also means that you will have to start saving for your next big trip. But to decide on a budget, you will have to decide on where you want to go first. Here are some simple questions that will help you decide.

Be open-minded – If you don’t know a lot about a destination, but still want to visit, start off by researching what you want to do there and if it is safe.

Be creative – If your destination is expensive to travel to, don’t be put off, instead look at alternatives routes and off-season periods for discount fares.

Consider the second city – All countries have more than one city that is a still worth visiting. The alternative city might be less costly and yet offer many unique experiences.

Be decisive – If you’ve found a place you want to visit and there is a good offer, make a decision within a day, or else you may miss your opportunity.

Ask yourself ‘why’? – List out why you want to visit a destination. Is it for fun, to reconnect with mates, to learn something new or just to experience a new adventure. If you have an idea why you want to go, chances are you will be able to decide on where you want to visit.

Safety – If you’re traveling alone, it is advisable to consider how safe your destination is and what types of accommodation you can afford.

Go solo – Although you may have found a good destination, you may find that no one wants to go with you. If so, opt to go solo and plan your trip accordingly.


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