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Quick Facts for Getting Around Amman, Jordan

Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Amman, Jordan is one a hidden gem for tourists and other travelers to the Middle East. It’s located one of the most peaceful and stable countries in the region, making it a safe place for travelers to visit. It’s a thoroughly modern city with a mixture of old world charm and 21st century luxury. Visitors can travel down side streets to centuries-old attractions or visit modern shopping centers and other spots.


Jordan’s central location in the Middle East also makes it an attractive base of operations for tourists looking to see many different sites and countries in the region. Whether you are looking to travel around the city or visit other sites in the region, a car rental in Amman might be the right choice for you. Because of Jordan’s peaceful nature, you can feel confident that you can drive in Jordan safely without worries of accidents or other potential threats. It’s the ideal way to make sure you see all that Jordan has to offer in a limited time.


Interested in getting around Jordan? Here are some quick facts that you’ll want to know if you are considering short term leasing of a car in Amman, Jordan:


Car Rental or Car Hire?: You’ll have several choices when it comes how to get around Amman via car. You can either rent a car to drive on your own or hire a car and driver who is available to take you anywhere you need to go. It’s easy to do a car hire at the Amman airport and have a driver ready to provide you with first-class transportation throughout your stay. At the same time, this option is more expensive and means that you aren’t able to enjoy driving on the country roads outside of Amman. It truly comes down to a personal choice.


Licensing Options: Unlike several other countries in the Middle East, you do not need to have any special licensing to rent or drive a car in Jordan. All you need to do is have a valid license from your country of origin and you will be eligible to rent a car in the country.


Other Options: If you choose not to rent a car in Jordan, you will have some other transportation options although there are drawbacks. You can hire a regular taxi but you likely will have to negotiate fares. White service taxis go throughout the city for standard rates but you will have to wait for one to fill up before it departs. Train and bus travel is possible although navigation may be difficult if you don’t speak or read Arabic.


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