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Cleaning foam RV cushions

Summary: Get your RV foam looking clean and smelling fresh with a deep clean. All you need is some vinegar, water baking soda, and a spray can. Apply baking soda to all sides of the foam and let it dry. Then dust off the baking soda and spray an equal mixture of water and vinegar. When the foam is completely dry, insert them into the covers.

It is almost certain that every RV will have at least one or two cushions, mattresses, or seats that use foam. The problem is that most people who own an RV, believe the foam components to be as resilient as the rest of the unit. Unfortunately, with neglect, the foam in those cushions will start smelling stale, deteriorate, and eventually need replacement. Fortunately, all you need to do is clean the cushions, and they will smell clean and fresh.

The good news is that you can clean your RV cushions with items you already have at home. All you will need is some vinegar, water baking soda, and a spray can. The cleaning process is simple:

Take the foam out of the covers and lay them out in the sun on top of sheet or blanket. Liberally apply baking soda on the foam. Let the cushion sit in the sun for a few hours and then turn them over and apply more baking soda. Repeat the process for all sides. Before the next step, shake and tap the foam to remove the baking soda.

Finally, using an equal mixture of water and vinegar spray all of the foam. Leave the foam in the sun until they are completely dry. The smell of vinegar will remain for a day or two at the most.

Written by The Foam Factory. Replace your RV bedding with comfortable and durable bedding designed to withstand the wear and tear of the open road.

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